Directorate of Corporate Communications

The primary role of the Corporate Communication Directorate is to enhance the national, regional, international identity and image of the National Police Service. It is focused towards promoting public confidence and trust by conveying informative, accurate, timely and factual information to build and promote a positive image of the NPS.

Information for both internal and external consumption is streamlined through a multi-faceted communications approach with a view to promoting access to clear facts about the police and to enhance interaction with members of the public. Good Communication contributes to the People Centered Policing philosophy by promoting exchanges of ideas and contributions of information to help the Police to secure our country.

This is enshrined in the Constitution- Bill of Rights and Freedom of Expression in Article 33 (1) that gives citizens the right to seek, receive or impart information, ideas, artistic creativity and academic research.

Functions of Corporate Communications Directorate

  1. Implementation of the NPS Communication Strategy to advance the Mission and Vision of the service.

  2. Coordination of advertisements, commercials and media coverage of NPS functions and activities.

  3. Organizing of advocacy programs on Print (Newspapers) and electronic (TV and radio) and Social media.

  4. Determining the content and coordination of information updates for the NPS Website.

  5. Receiving and responding to general and specific inquiries from the media and members of the public.

  6. Coordination of the production of the NPS documentaries, magazines and newsletters

  7. Preparation of press statements/releases and media briefings

  8. Development of NPS media and communications resources

Overall Objective of the department

To improve corporate communication and image of the service


  1. Promote NPS and public participation in policing activities for a secure country.

  2. Build and sustain a positive image of the NPS and a commensurate marketing brand.

  3. Establish appropriate strategic mechanisms for operational, institutional and regulatory framework to enhance corporate communication.

  4. Coordinate the function of public communication at National, county, divisional and station command levels.

  5. Take measures to improve the image of NPS internationally, nationally, counties, cities and towns.

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