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In his familiarization/meet the officers tour across the country, this week, the Inspector General National Police Service Mr. Hilary Mutyambai visited various Administration Police Service Units.

Donning the Kenya Police Service combat, the IG began his day by visiting Security of Government Building (SGB) headquarters in Nairobi.

After inspecting quarter guard mounted by the Unit's elegant officers, the IG thanked them for a job well done where he promised that he will ensure officers who are dedicated to their duties are promoted in a free and fair manner. The IG also promised to roll out training programs to enhance skills of all the officers in SGB & VIP protection duties.  

The IG also reiterated his special attachment to officers who have sustained injuries in their line of duty and re assured them of his full support in seeing them recover fully. ''I will never abandon you because you are our brothers and sisters”, Mr. Mutyambai assured injured officers.

Later that day, the IG visited the Rapid Deployment Unit headquarters in Utawala where he reiterated on his message about discipline amongst police officers which should be paramount at all times coupled with hard work and dedication especially to the RDU officers who are deployed in operation areas where he worked before his appointment to the position of IGP.

He emphasized the importance of team spirit which is a key element in success of any fighting Unit. 

The Inspector General also promised all the officers about his resolve to make their lives better by improving their welfare and acquiring more specialized equipment’s to make their work easier in operation areas.

On Wednesday, the IG turned out in Administration Police Service Unit Combat where he visited the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) headquarters in Athi River. He was flanked by Deputy Inspector General- Administration Police Service, CIPU Commanding Officer Mr.Musa,  Kakawa, APS Director Human Capital  Mr. Davies Lomwatu among other commanders.

It is in this unit, where the IG affirmed of his unwavering support in making sure all critical infrastructure; Power generating and distribution installations, the Standard Gauge Railway, Water points, Oil and Gases fields e.t.c across the country are safe.


The IG emphasized that roadblocks would only be mounted to serve security purposes noting that in the past, motorists and other road users have complained of harassment by the police in many roadblocks. ''We shouldn’t be barriers to road users but key enablers of free flow of traffic on our roads. One can now attest that this is happening across the country which is a plus to us all as a Service'' he said.

He also confirmed that the roadblocks haven't been banned in entirety. "Roadblocks are still there only that police heads must give compelling reasons as to why a roadblock should be mounted on a given road" said the IG.


Kenya's third Inspector General of police said that the National Police Service is in the process of rolling out continuous training to its members to equip them with the requisite policing knowledge that will see them deliver quality and professional services to Kenyans in this 21st Century.


Giving his own story, the IG left his audience in stitches when be narrated his experience when sharing a house with a boxer.  

"I started my career as a constable and I know what affects junior officers. I lived in this kind of condition, "said the IG.  “I used to share a house with a boxer. Whenever I came back from work, I would find his fellow boxers seated on my bed. And since I was young, naive and powerless, I would only walk away from them. I suffered"

 Mr. Mutyambai stated that there is need for officers to live in decent houses and to work in a conducive environment. He promised that in this financial year, from the modernization kitty, he will build decent houses for his officers.

 He promised that he would keep on visiting them in future for interactive sessions.

 After wrapping up at Athi River, he proceeded to National Police Service Senior Staff College- Emali. While there, the IG thanked all the officers for their good work of training middle level and senior managers within the service.

 He said that moving forward, senior officers drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Kenya Police Service and Administration Police service will be trained in that facility especially the Ward Police Commanders (formerly OCSs) who will selected without any bias but on the basis of competency and suitability and thereafter deployment to their work stations. He also assured that equal opportunities for both Services i.e KPS and APS will be granted.

He reiterated on the need for all officers to embrace the transformation the NPS is undergoing currently. "I know change is always a thorny issue, however, we can’t be doing things the 'kawaida' way and expect different results"

   All we need to do is to complement each other and work in ensuring we give our country the services it duly deserves from us.


The IG warned all officers against engaging in corruption otherwise they risk losing their jobs. "We’ve been ranked for so long as the most corrupt entity in the national government. That must come to an end" warned the IG.

 Mr. Mutyambai also encouraged the police to work closely with the communities for better results and cohesion.

 The IG ended his familiarization tour for the week on Thursday by visiting both Border Police Unit (BPU) and Border Police Training Campus in Kanyonyo Kitui.

 The IG told the officers that plans are underway to repair all broken Armored Personnel Carriers and he has also procured more sophisticated working equipment’s and gear for the Unit which will enable the troops who work in explosives prone areas move more safely.

 On promotion, the IG asked his Deputy, Mr. Noor Gabow, to make sure that all deserving police officers working in the BPT campus and Border Police Unit are motivated once the promotion programs are rolled out.

The IG closed by presiding over the closure of BPU-G Company Pre-Deployment Course.

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