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Functions of the Internal Affairs Unit
An Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) has been established under section 87 of the National Police Service Act 2011 to provide for an internal mechanism to receive and investigate complaints against police by the public and police against police officers.  The Unit is envisaged to promote professionalism, uniform standards of discipline and good order in the Service and keep a record of complaints made and conduct subsequent investigations.
The unit will be guided by constitutionally mandated fair administrative practices in handling accused officers of the service through proper and impartial investigation of cases reported by members of the public or officers within the service.  The IAU will initiate such investigation on its own, or at the direction of the IG, or at the request of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), and may recommend a range of disciplinary actions to be taken against errant officers to the Inspector General and/or to the National Police Service Commission (NPSC).
To carry out these roles as stipulated in NPS Act 2011, IAU needs to deploy officers at various levels and build relevant capacity as well as devolve the services to every county and preferably to Police Stations.

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