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  1. I. The daily nationwide curfew is still in full force, starting from 7PM to 5AM
  2. The boundaries of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area shall be as provided in the attached Annexure l
  3. No movement shall be allowed, either in or out of the designated areas, for any of following:                                 a. Pedestrians          b. Passengers aboard any form of vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, aircraft or train.
  1. Movement is allowed in and out of designated areas for ALL cargo-carrying vehicles, subject to the following conditions:
  • 1n the case of a cargo-loaded vehicle, the cargo is visible, or the driver bears such documentation of proof of loaded - Police must check and see loaded cargo.
  • In the case of an unloaded cargo vehicle, the driver bears such documentation of proof of either being mobile to either collect cargo, or after dropping off
  • The vehicle has no more than 4 persons on board e. the driver and a maximum of 3 designated assistants.
  • The Medical Personnel shall check the temperatures of the occupants of the
  • The driver of the vehicle shall carry a letter issued by the owner or operator of the vehicle that shall have the following details:
        • Name and details ls of the driver
        • Na me and details ls of the designated assistants
        • Origin of the Journey
        • Destination
        • Nature of Cargo on Board
  1. 5. The Inspector General, NPS shall determine the points of placement of roadbl
  2. Every roadblock shall be manned by the following officers:
    • National Government Administration Officer of minimum designation of Assistant County Commissioner
    • Police officers, who shall be led by an Officer of minimum designation of an Officer Commanding Station
    • Medical Personnel from Ministry of Health
    • National Intelligence Service

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