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Gender Based Violence could be tackled effectively if individuals, families, communities, societies, institutions and the country at large take responsibility to deal with the vice.

The National Police Service Director of Reforms, Commissioner of Police (CP) Mr. Jaspher Nyauma said since the police is the first contact to survivors of the Gender Based Violence in the criminal justice system, all entities must take responsibility in order to deliver justice to the victims.

Commissioner Nyauma was addressing National Gender Based Violence Conference at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi whose theme was, The Missing Agenda- Accountability towards Prevention and Response to Gender based Violence.

He said, the current reorganization and restructuring of the National Police service will take services closer to wananchi as all Administration Police posts and patrol bases countrywide will be converted to Kenya Police stations, posts and Patrol bases where wananchi could easily report such cases among other security issues for quick response.

The Commissioner said, individuals and families should swiftly report such cases without fear or favour so that the police could kick off the criminal justice system to enable other actors come in to deliver justice to survivors.

He said, NPS in conjunction with development partners, has trained a number of officers to deal with GBV while officers are being sensitized to expeditiously deal with GBV cases to deliver justice to the affected.

Standard operating procedures to specifically deal with GBV cases, have been development while 11 champions have been identified and adequately trained.

He said, Gender desks have been established at Police stations so that GBV cases are treated with utmost agency they deserve adding that new curriculum at the Police training institutions, takes cognisance of the vice and officers are now trained on how to deal with such cases.

Members at the conference appealed to the National Police Service to train sign language experts to be based at Police stations to assist dumb and hearing impaired clients who visit police stations to report.


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