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Enhanced security alertness, the ongoing police investigations and public support have helped our security agencies to foil a number of possible attacks in the country.

To further intensify the fight against the terrorism, the National Police Service has released photographs of wanted terror suspects and requests members of the public, relatives and acquaintances of the suspects to provide information on their whereabouts to aid in further investigations. We wish to inform that the suspects could be armed and dangerous, and may cause harm to the public.

The Police also calls upon the terror suspects to surrender themselves.

We urge those who suspect that their relatives or acquaintances could have joined jihadi groups, are planning to travel to jihadi theatres, or have returned from countries known to harbor jihadists to immediately report to the nearest police station. Some of the identified and officially designated countries known to habour jihadists include Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria.

The police have already started taking legal action on individuals who have failed to report on their associates and relatives who have joined jihadi organizations.

In February 2019, Sakina Mariam Abdalla, the mother of the Dusit terror attack’s mastermind Ali Salim Gichunge was arrested and charged with failing to disclose the whereabouts of her son. The prosecution told the court that knowledge or information on his whereabouts could have prevented the terror attack which left twenty-one people dead.

We wish to state that The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA 2012) obligates any person in Kenya to disclose to the police any information that could prevent a terrorist act or secure the arrest of a person who has committed an offence under the Act. Failure to report is an offence and one can be charged and convicted to imprisonment for a term not less than three years.

We thank members of the public for their continued support in the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities and call upon them to report any suspicious activities or persons by calling our Toll Free numbers: 999, 911 and 112.

Relatives and acquaintances of individuals captured in the photos above to immediately report to the police in order to prevent possible harm that may arise from their activities. 





28th APRIL, 2019

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