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It is Christmas time once again and soon thereafter we shall usher in the New Year 2018.  Both holidays are traditionally characterised by heavy traffic on all our highways with Kenyans visiting holiday destinations and their rural homes. There are also increased numbers attending church functions, visiting entertainment joints, shopping malls and holiday resorts.

We wish to inform that the National Police Service has made the necessary arrangements to provide public safety and security to all Kenyans countrywide.

We therefore call upon all Kenyans to co-operate with the Police in our collective effort to ensure that the holidays are enjoyable and incident free.

However, as we endeavour to do our part as the National Police Service, we wish to draw the attention of the public to the following matters of security and safety concern.

That whilst we have made tremendous success in combating terrorism, the threat still remains high, and we must therefore all be fully cautious of our surroundings at all times and to report anything or person out of the ordinary to the Police for action.

Those in cattle rustling prone counties are also requested to exercise alertness and to refrain from leaving their animals in the hands of children alone.  We in this respect urge residents of such areas to co-operate with Police Officers including the Reservists, with a view to ensuring rustlers are kept at bay.  Officers in such areas are also under instruction to deal firmly with anyone found trying to engage in rustling.

We also call on motorists and other travellers to exercise caution on all our roads.  The Police and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) will be on hand to render the necessary assistance.  Anyone found flouting Traffic and any other relevant Laws will be dealt with firmly.

To those who plan to patronize entertainment joints, we appeal for moderation and temperance in whatever they do and avoid behaviour that could lead to needless misadventure.

In case of need, please call our NPS toll-free numbers 999/911 for assistance.

Finally, it is our prayer that this year’s Christmas and New Year’s holidays will be incident free.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018.

God bless Kenya.









 DECEMBER 22, 2017       

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