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Our attention has been drawn to the report by Independent Medical Legal Unit (IMLU) alleging that they recorded 23 deaths during the period of elections between 8/8/2017 and 11/8/107, and further 13 deaths during the Fresh Presidential Elections between October 25th and 30th October 2017.

The truth is that from our records, during the period between 8/8/2017 and 11/8/2017, there were eleven (11) recorded fatalities under the following circumstances;

  • Tana River County; two men armed with pangas stormed into a Tallying Centre and stabbed an IEBC officer. Officers who came to rescue the IEBC officials shot dead the two attackers.
  • Elgeyo Marakwet County; a female adult in a crowd that had gathered for the announcement of parliamentary election results, was shot by an unknown person. The matter is under investigation.
  • Nairobi County; a total of five persons were reported shot dead. Three rioters armed with crude weapons while attacking the Police in various incidences were shot dead. Elsewhere, two armed criminals, while breaking into a supermarket at Kasabuni, were involved in shoot out with the Police and were shot dead.
  • Kisumu County; one person was shot during a confrontation between the Police and a riotous mob who were maliciously damaging property. The case is pending under investigations.
  • Siaya County; during a confrontation with a riotous mob armed with all manner of crude weapons and attacking the Police, one person was shot dead.
  • Homa Bay County; one person was found dead by members of the public near Rangwe Trading Centre with a bullet wound. The circumstances of the death is under investigations.

Inquest files were opened in respect of each case to inquire into the cause of death as required by the law.

Between October 25th and 30th October 2017, eight (8) deaths were reported under the following circumstances:

  • Kisumu County; there were two deaths reported. One person was shot dead during a violent confrontation with the police, while another one was shot when a riotous mob invaded a Tallying Centre and attacked security officers.
  • Homa Bay County; there were two deaths reported. One person was shot dead by unknown people who sped off in a private vehicle. The case is pending under investigation. The second person, who was in a gang that raided a private residence, was shot and later died in hospital
  • Nairobi County; there were two deaths reported. One person armed with a Somali sword, who was robbing people, was fatally shot after he attempted to stab a Police officer. In a different incident, the Red Cross officials found a body burnt beyond recognition in a bonfire lit by demonstrators. The case is pending under investigations.
  • Bungoma County; a male adult who attempted to snatch a rifle from a Police officer who was attending to a scene of crime, was shot dead.
  • Kericho County; a body of a male adult with wounds inflicted by a sharp object, was found in a sugarcane plantation along the border of Kericho and Kisumu. The matter is still under investigation.

We condemn this sensational reporting that is based on falsified figures clearly aimed at tainting the image of the National Police Service.

We therefore urge IMLU to be fair, just and impartial in their reports. In this respect, we reiterate that we were never consulted prior to the publication of this malicious, sensational and misleading report.

We further wish to inform that the Internal Affairs unit as well as IPOA are investigating all the instances of alleged use of excessive force in quelling violent riots whose outcome will be made public.



George Kinoti



2nd  November, 2017

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