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Further to the statement that we yesterday the 26th day of October 2017, we promised to issue a comprehensive statement on the status of the security during the fresh Presidential Elections.

 Most Kenyans would by now know that most polling stations across the country opened yesterday on schedule, save for a few Counties. However, a number of Polling Stations were not opened or opened late due to various factors among them, failure of IEBC staff to report on duty, weather conditions, and refusal by hired transporters to release their vehicles.

 Arising out of the Police effort to maintain law and order as well as quelling riotous assemblies, a total of four (4) persons were killed, six (6) police Officers sustained serious injuries, 13 civilians were also injured and a total of 86 people have been arrested for various electoral  and public order offences.

 Here below are the specific instances recorded over the last two days:  

Kitui: On 25.10.2017 at around 0830hrs in Kaiti Constituency, IEBC officials with election materials escorted by Police Officers on arrival at Yatonza Primary School, found the gate locked with a chain and a padlock with a notice which read “ No election, try your life”. The officers broke the padlock and facilitated the entry of IEBC officials and election materials; who then proceeded with their work. 

  • On 25.10.2017 a bus transporting IEBC officials, security personnel and election materials to Muslim Primary, Maendeleo ya Wanawake and Central Primary School Polling Stations, lost control along Majengo/Kitui road and landed into a ditch near Kitui TTC gate. Nobody was injured but election materials were destroyed. Police secured the scene and facilitated arrangements for the replacement of the damaged materials. 

  • Garissa: On 25.10.2017 at around 1820hrs along Shimbeli-Abdi Samit road,a hired motor vehicle ferrying IEBC officials and Election materials under the escort of Police Officers was involved in an accident. One police officer died on the spot while another one was admitted in hospital. Investigations have been instituted to determine the cause of the accident.

  • Nairobi. On 25.10.2017 at 1500hrs, one of the opposition parties held a rally at Uhuru Park. The event ended peacefully but at about 1730hrs as the supporters were leaving the rally, some barricaded the road at the Uhuru Highway -Haile Selassie round about and Bunyala Road roundabout with huge stones. Police officers intervened and removed the barricades allowing free flow of traffic.

  • Migori County. On 25.10.2017 at around 1450hrs demonstrators barricaded Kisii- Migori-Sirare road with rocks and stoned motorists. They destroyed the windscreen of three police vehicles and pelted police officers guarding Equity Bank with stones.

  • Homabay County: On 25.10.2017 at around 1945hrs at Koduogo Trading Centre, the OCPD Mbita was hit on the forehead with a stone hurled by unknown youths hence sustaining a deep cut as he led officers in removing barricades on the road.Another group of officers from Suba and Mbita also encountered stone throwing youths as they removed barricades at Sindo Shopping Centre and Nyabera centre.

  • At the same time, along Sori-Ndhiwa road at Mirogi center, rioters mobs hurled stones at a police vehicle which was heading to Ndhiwa Police Division and damaged its windscreen. Another group blocked the Kisii-Ahero road at Oyugis using stones and lit a bonfire. Officers from Oyugis Police Station removed the barricades and dispersed the demonstrators.

  • Kisumu County: On 25.10.2017 at around 1530hrs at Gumba Trading Centre within Mamboleo area, a riotous mob stoned a bus ferrying NYS Service Men to Kericho County to cover the Elections and injured one serviceman. Police dispersed the rioters who later attempted to attack servicemen at the NYS Mamboleo camp but were repulsed by police.

  • On 25.10.2017 at 1100hrs, demonstrators marched from Kondele area through Kibuye market to the CBD where they were joined by another team from Obunga estate and Bandani. They proceeded to the IEBC offices within Kisumu carrying placards and later barricaded roads and lit bone fires. In the melee, they smashed the front windscreen of a police motor vehicle belonging to OCPD Nyando.

  • Siaya: On 25.10.2017 at Siaya at 0930hrs voting was called off since all the IEBC officials failed to turn up, allegedly for fear of their lives.  No election materials left the county Tallying Centres for the Polling Centres. Police are still guarding the materials.

  • In Nairobi County: On 26.10.2017 in Kibra Constituency, as of 0600hrs, four polling stations namely Olympic Kibera Primary, Olympic Secondary School, P.A.G. Church Olympic and K.A.G. Church Olympic had not been opened. The roads leading to the said polling centres were barricaded with trees that were felled at night.The police cleared the roads enabling IEBC officials to access the polling station

  • On 26.10.2017 in Mathare, group of riotious mob blocked voters from accessing St. Stephen polling station to cast their votes. Police officers intervened and dispersed the mob and voting went on.

    On 26.10.2017 in Dagoretti at Stage 56, rioters barricaded roads and lit bonfires. Some houses were torched near Muslim area but the rioters were all later dispersed.

  • Lamu County: on 26.10.2017 at about 0330hrs, a bus carrying election materials for Didewaride, Katsakakairu, Pandanguo, Lingamano and Boko polling stations got stuck at Chalaluma area. A helicopter was sought which airlifted the materials to Boni polling station.

  • Meru county: On 26.10.2017 at about 0830hrs along Kanyakine-Yururu- Gathangene  road avehicle ferrying officials and election materials from Nkubu to Giumbu Primary School Polling Station lost control and overturned landing in a ditch. Police officers who were escorting the materials, an IEBC official and one passenger sustained injuries. The election materials were later ferried to their respective polling station. 

  • Mombasa County: On 26.10.2017 as at 0710hrs voting went on   well in Changamwe and Jomvu constituencies except in St. Marys Bangladesh where rowdy youths blocked the entrance to the polling centre forcing the IEBC officials to suspend the exercise while arrangements we made to manage the situation.

  • Kisii County: On 26.10.2017 at 0830hrs, Erera Dok Primary School Polling Centre at Kitutu Chache South Constituency was closed by the Returning Officer which had been closed due to the resignation of the presiding officer and all the clerks who cited threats they had received from the locals. No votes had been cast by the time of closure.

  • Siaya County: On 26.10.2017 the Returning Officer disappeared and switched off his mobile phone. The vehicles that were meant to transport voting materials to polling centres were not availed. Meanwhile youths continued to barricade roads while gathering in groups. The police were called cleared the roads after having dispersed the riotous youths.

  • Busia County: On 26.10.2017 at 1130hrs at Osieko Primary School in Bunyala south ward, a group of about 200 rowdy youths from neighbouring Siaya county attacked a polling station by throwing stones. In the process one ballot box containing ballot papers was destroyed. Police moved in quickly and d restored order after the youth fled.

  • On 26.10.2017 at around 1030 hrs within Murumba market, marauding youths attacked an army truck that was ferrying goods from the Hakati Army Camp and the truck was extensively damaged. The Officers fired in the air. No injuries were reported.

  • Nambale Sub-County: Damage of Electoral Material: 0n 26th October 2017 at around 1230hrs at Mabunge Primary school polling station, Bukhayo Central Ward. Around 100 goons stormed the polling station and burnt down the following electoral materials: - 1 ballot box, 12 booklets, 21 leaflets, 1 polling booth, 23 envelopes, 2 IEBC reflective jackets, 1 burner, 3 form 41, 58 form 32, 18 form 32a, 10 form 33 and 12 form 34 .The following were stolen: pens, rubber stamps, 3 IEBC official seals, budge, 2 gas cylinder, 1 gas lantern and envelopes. The police dispersed the goons and the matter is under investigations. 

  •   Makale ECD polling station: A group of boda boda goons stormed the polling station and burnt the following electoral materials: -1 material box, all forms 32, 32a, 33, 34a, 41, supervisor validation form, ballot papers, IEBC stamps, badges, reflector jackets and a banner and also stole 2 gas lantern and 2 gas cylinders. Two suspects were arrested. Investigations ongoing.

  • Maolo Primary polling station Boda boda goons stormed the polling station and burnt the following electoral materials: - 1 IEBC ballot box and 1 IEBC banner. No injuries were reported and the matter is under investigations.

  • Katelenyang Polling Station. A rowdy group stormed the polling station and roughed up the Presiding Officer with other clerks and took away one ballot box, 21 ballot booklets, ballot papers and lamps. Police officers rescued the clerks and restored calm.

  • In Nasewa and Mabunge polling stations voting did not take place due to disruption by rowdy youths. The rioters burned part of the market and brought down the wall of St. Matthias Secondary school.

  • Migori County: On 26.10.2017 at 0830hrs the Returning Officer was attacked by Anti IEBC demonstrators in Migori town on his way to the polling centre. He sustained slight injuries and lost a number of his personal items.

  • On 26.10.2017 at 0600hrs at Rongo constituency the Returning Officer reported to work but his colleagues, the Presiding Officer and the polling clerks did not turn up. The voting exercise could therefore not commence

  • Homabay County: On 26.10.2017 at around 1020hrs at Oyugis town youths barricaded Kisumu-Oyugis-Kisii road with stones and lit bonfires. Police dispersed them and cleared the road but in the process, one Police Officer was hit with a stone and lost his front tooth while another officer was stabbed with a knife. One suspect was arrested, and a knife recovered. A police motor vehicle was hit with a rock and the windscreen shattered.

  • On 26.10.2017 at around 1230hrs at Sindo Police Post, goons invaded the Post but were repulsed by Police. Two of the attackers were shot and injured.

  • On 26.10.2017, at Magunga unkown people entered the compound of the Chief for Gwasi Central at around 0200 hrs and torched his motorcycle. He called for help and neighbours came and helped him put out the fire which had started burning his house. The police are investigating the incident.

  • 0n 26th October 2017 at 1226 hrs, at Rangwe market while on escort duties of election ballot boxes to Rangwe constituency, a Police Officer was hit by a stone and injured on his right arm by rowdy youths who were throwing stones at officers who were clearing barriers on the road. He was treated at Homa Bay county referral hospital and discharged in a stable condition.

  • On 26th October 2017 at 0730hrs at Rachuonyo North, Rongo a Prison officer was among other officers returning to their Station after the election exercise and on reaching at the said area found the road barricaded with huge stones by rowdy youth. A confrontation ensued where he was hit on the head. As a result, he sustained a deep cut on his head and was taken to Wagwe Health Centre where he was treated and discharged in fair condition.

  • On 26th October 2017 at 1611 hrs. at Oriang market, Jabes Mboya, a trader while in his mobile repair shop in the market was attacked by about 30 people some well-known to him who destroyed the shop, burnt furniture and took away about 20 phones meant for repair. He was beaten and threatened not to return to that centre. The case is under investigation.

  • On 26th October 2017 at about 11.00hrs within North Karachuonyo location, a former MP, reported that a group of rowdy youth were attempting to attack his rural home. Police officers proceeded to the scene where it was established that the goons were demanding entry into the compound alleging that the ballot stuffing was being carried out. The goons were dispersed and no injuries were reported. the matter is under investigations

  • .Kisumu County: 0n 26th October 2017 at about 1400hrs it was reported from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga referral hospital that a male adult George Odhia from Obunga estate was brought by a good Samaritan with a gunshot wound alleged to have been inflicted during a confrontation with the Police. He later passed on while undergoing treatment. His body was removed to the same hospital morgue. Matter under investigation. 

  • On 26th October 2017 at 1630 hours around 300 rioters invaded the tallying centre at Kitmikayi in Seme and attempted to forcibly steal polling materials. In effort to disperse them, one person was shot and unfortunately died of bleeding. Polling materials could not deliver due to resistance by the members of the public and failure of the polling officials to turn up.

  • On 26th October 2017, a Police officer sustained injuries on the knee after their was attacked by rowdy youths who had barricaded the road by throwing stones destroying the vehicle’s window. The officer was rushed to Kisumu County hospital where he was treated and discharged in fair condition. 

  • Narok county: 0n 26th October 2017 at about 1400hrs, it was reported by the returning officer Entontol polling station of Melili ward, Narok North constituency, that a group of youth disguising as voters entered the polling station and destroyed five Presidential ballot papers that had been cast .As the police enganged the mob the presiding officer consulted the returning officer and closed the station after rowdy youths made voting impossible.

  • Machakos County: 0n 26th October 2017 the Returning Officer reported a complaint from members of the public that the Presiding Officer at Kwa Kyumbo Primary School polling station was turning voters away from voting and asked them to tell others not to come for  voting. Police visited the scene and arrested the suspect. The deputy Presiding Officer continued with the exercise.

  • Kakamega county: 0n 26th October 2017 within Lurambi constituency police arrested a total of thirty-five (35) persons for various electoral malpractices including offences of creating disturbance, erecting unlawful road barriers, and interfering with voting process.


Finally we wish to reiterate the principal functions of the police is to protect life and property and more so enforcement of laws and regulations with which it is charged.


During the Fresh Presidential Elections, our key focus was ensure that peace and tranquility prevails before, during and after the election period


We also focused on providing security for safe delivery of all election materials to and from all polling stations and finally to the tallying centers as well as enforcing all electoral laws.


It should also be known that the Service serves all the Kenyan people in strict fidelity to the law and will always act without any partiality or regard to political affiliation. 

George Kinoti (AIG) 





October 27, 2017


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