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I wish to begin by saying that I am happy to be here today and be part of this year’s NPS annual Rifle Meeting closing ceremony which is for the second time taking place at the Anti-Stock Theft Unit headquarters here in Gilgil.

I have been getting daily briefs on the progress of the championships since it commenced on 13th November 2016 and I am happy that all aspects have been professionally handled with strict adherence to the laid down Range Rules. This is extremely important because unlike other sports, there is no margin of error which can be allowed in shooting competitions.

Apart from testing our skills and proficiency in weapon handling, our coming together for the last two weeks was an opportunity to enhance team work and create esprit de corps amongst the various units of the National Police Service. Our work is like no other and therefore the need for building close relations in our working stations cannot be over emphasized.

This year, the competing teams increased from 19 to 25 owing to the participation of more units especially from the Administration Police Service. This is encouraging because more officers will have an opportunity to be exposed to the demands and tenets of the rifle shooting sport. You are already aware that the NPS boasts of world beaters in this event who continue to proudly represent the country in global competitions. Like in any other sport, it takes self discipline and commitment to be at the top level and remain there.

I would like to thank the Range Council for selflessly working round the clock to ensure that this competition is successful as it has been. I acknowledge the fact it could have much better and even take lesser time if the range could accommodate more competitions at the same time. However I wish to state that there are serious considerations to expand it so that in future it can serve us better.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are aware that we have been conducting reforms in the Service to conform to the dictates of the Constitution which requires us to offer services to the expectations of the Kenyan people. A lot has been achieved and a number of documents developed. To begin with the, the long awaited Service Standing Orders is now near completion as it is awaiting parliamentary approval having already passed through the Cabinet. We expect to launch it as soon as the Parliament gives the go ahead.

A comprehensive review of our training curriculum is also in the final stages of completion although some modules are currently being taught to the recruits. This is particularly important because we want to graduate police officers who are fully prepared to face the emerging crimes which a few years ago were not known. These include the threat of terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism, cyber crime and human trafficking among others. Those perpetrating these crimes are hell bend on changing the world order as we know it and must therefore be confronted with the requisite might in terms of skill and equipment.

To this end I wish to thank the Government for the efforts it’s making in improving our working conditions. We today have a comprehensive medical insurance cover to add on to the group life insurance cover which we have had for the last three years. I am aware there have been some teething problems but the provider is in the process of carrying out a sensitization programme to all officers. Plans are also at an advanced stage to carry out a comprehensive improvement of our housing so that each officer can live in a dignified manner. On remuneration, we are awaiting for the SRC to compile a report on our job evaluation so that the next cause of action can follow. In terms of equipment I must say that we are doing well. We recently acquired Mine Resistant Vehicles which will be commissioned soon for use in the North Eastern and Coastal Regions which are the frontiers in the war against terror.  We are committed to having the psychological edge against the enemy and we will continue to fortify our capacities. 

In terms of investigations, I wish to also proudly mention that the Forensic Laboratory at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is near completion, as much of the civil works have been completed. This is a masterpiece which will ease the work of investigators, and it’s our intention to make it a regional referral centre with all the necessary facilities.

Let me at this juncture remind you that the General Election is now less than a year away. We will be expected to be vigilant and deal firmly with anyone who may dare to incite the public through hateful utterances targeted to any community or individual. You are therefore expected to be very firm on this because we are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the country remains one, before, during and after the elections.

In conclusion I would to thank all officers wherever they are stationed for their good work which continues to keep this country going. I wish to assure you of my unwavering support at any time for as long as you operate within the rule of law because this is what is expected of us. It is therefore important that commanders at all levels strive to ensure that those under them are abreast of any legislations which are enacted from time to time

As you leave here, I would like to wish you journey mercies to your stations and work places. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

Thank you and God bless you. 




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