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The National Police Service is committed towards providing training to its officers to enhance professionalism in all its operations for quality service.

The Inspector General of Police Mr. Joseph Boinnet said this today while officiating the second graduation ceremony of 23 police officers at Loresho Police Staff College.

He said, the Strategic Leadership and Command Course undertaken by the officers is geared towards transforming the Police into a professional and trusted service.

Mr. Boinnet told the graduates to utilize the knowledge and skill they have acquired to bring the much needed change to the police service by observing the rule of law in all their operations. He thanked the British government for the continued support of the Strategic Leadership and Command Program at Loresho.

The National Police Service Commission Chairman Mr. Johnstone Kavuludi said the NPS training curriculum being developed will provide training guidelines to enhance transparency and accountability in training police officers.

He stressed the need for professionalism in policing activities adding that the certificates they received should make them professional in discharging their duties.

During the graduation ceremony, 15 officers were awarded masters degree certificates while six officers and two officers were awarded Diploma and certificate respectively.

The certificates awarded are from the UK college of Policing –Bramshill and level 7 certificates from the UK Chartered Management Institute where the Police officers used to be sent for further studies that are now being offered at Loresho.

The first batch of 24 officers graduated last year from the Strategic Leadership and Command Course with support from the British Government that has promised to continue supporting subsequent courses.

In the three component design of the course, the UK National College of Policing provides training on the complexity of contemporary policing issues, while a master’s degree and diploma element on leadership and security management is provided by Kenyatta University.

The National Police Service provides the third element which focuses on the real world challenges faced by the police and security agencies of Kenya in the 21st century.


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